Spectacle Gymmotion "High power"

On 7 December at 19:30




Gymmotion - "Higher Power"

The Gymmotion show is coming to Luxembourg to bring you a program full of acrobatics for the whole family to enjoy!

Discover world-class artists, athletes and gymnasts in a breathtaking show. Having performed with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Stratosphère, Paris, Europe, the USA... all these artists and acrobatic troupes have graced some of the world's most prestigious spectacles, and will come together to offer you a unique show!

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On the Program:

Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre, this crew will blow your mind with an acrobatic basketball and slam dunk show. These athletes have already collaborated with prestigious organizations such as the NBA, FIBA, Britain's Got Talent, and Cirque du Soleil.

Alona Zhuravel, this balancer pushes back the laws of gravity with an impressive handstand show.

Maksym Kruglyk, Maksym describes himself as a "romantic hero of the air". His fluid, elegant movements make his toned body appear in ever-changing ways. High above the ground, yet close to the audience, he is one of the most fascinating artists on stage.

Rhönrad/Cyr : discover Luca and Jenny in a unique and incredible performance on a Cyr Wheel. Thanks to the unique combination of state-of-the-art LED technology and the new "Cyr Wheel" accessory, artistic images of light and acrobatics are created.

Barto Comedy,  the acrobatic humorist, or "comic fool", will offer you a unique event with his antics and technical prowess. Embark on a journey into Barto's wacky world of humor.

Power Sportakrobatik, the troupe of acrobats aged between 10 and 35, who have already appeared on RTL's "Das Supertalent", will impress you with an incredible display of acrobatics combining somersaults, lifts, throws, and even pyramids several meters high! Genuine athletes performing at World and European Championships, with numerous medals to their credit.

Germany's national rhythmic gymnastics team will perform a dynamic and artistic show in what is surely the world's most elegant sporting discipline.

Cat Woman is a duo of gymnasts who offer you an artistic performance on a beam, full of balance and extremely difficult acrobatics. A combination of high performance and elegance.

Trampoline, these artists perform a series of high-flying acrobatics, double somersault, triple somersault, with half-turns, twists... in short, hang on it's going to be high!

Trio Prime, these acrobats perform technical feats on the Russian bars that only a handful of athletes in the world dare to achieve. Awe-inspiring!

Sabrina, this acrobat flies through the air using her aerial ring. A marvelous show full of poetry and acrobatics.


Experience artistic and athletic perfection, and spend a thrilling moment with your family.

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