The range of services available to high-level athletes in the new HPTRC is very broad, whether in terms of new training opportunities or performance diagnostics.
Top athletes now have access to the following facilities and services in the various areas:

Physical preparation room:

Over a surface of 175m², the physical preparation room offers athletes a specific platform for working with weights. 
In addition to professional bodybuilding equipment with adjustable loads, this space offers cardio machines as well as other specific devices, such as an anti-gravity treadmill of type used specifically for athlete rehabilitation.
An innovative technology makes it possible to perform a quantitative analysis of a weight training session. The "GymAware" technology measures movement speed and power and subsequently provides useful data with regard to training.
It is also possible to perform qualitative analyses of athletes' movements (especially in weight training) using the video system to provide real-time feedback on the athletes’ performance. 

Tartan Track

The new tartan track makes it possible to conduct a detailed sprint analysis using an integrated camera system. Athletes also have access to starting blocks with a force detection plate making it possible to assess various parameters at the starting line.
The tartan track is also equipped with photoelectric sensors that provide athletes and their coaches with information on ground contact times, stride frequency and the span of a sprint start. 

A pulley system enables athletes to run against resistance or perform overspeed training. The athlete’s speed and explosiveness are continuously measured and the data can be used to adjust future training sessions if necessary.

Diagnostic room

The diagnostic room enables users to perform lactate testing as well as specific tests on the ergometer to identify the athlete’s various performance parameters.
In ergospirometry tests, exhaled gases are analysed during maximal effort to determine the "VO2 max" and to examine the athlete's metabolism under different conditions.
The force platforms allow for various tests related to the athlete's relaxation and rebound force to be performed.
The diagnostic room also has a bio-impedance meter which is able to determine the athlete’s body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, etc.).

The Dojo

The dojo has been completely refitted: in addition to a new flexible floor, various mobile partitions have been installed enabling several groups to train simultaneously.
An innovative camera system now makes it possible to analyse the fights on the spot. The coaching staff can immediately use the recorded images to analyse the fights with the athletes directly on the screen.
The new dojo also has an area dedicated to muscle building, meeting the specific needs of combat sports.

Multifunction room

The multifunction room can be used in various ways: stretching sessions, group workouts (spinning for example) or other similar activities.
This room also has a "Speed Court" which offers different training and analysis possibilities in the areas of responsiveness and sprint speed. 

Hypoxia chamber and thermal chamber

In addition to the refurbishing of the various spaces, the HPTRC has acquired a hypoxia chamber and a thermal chamber in which different activities can be practiced: ergometer bikes, treadmills and rowers can be set up in the rooms.  
Competitive conditions can be simulated, acclimation processes can be promoted, and other training stimuli can be added.

  • The hypoxia chamber can simulate training sessions at altitude (up to 5,750m).
  • In the thermal chamber, athletes can train at high temperatures (up to 55°C).

The main objective of the new HPTRC at the Coque is to provide athletes with optimal training conditions and to provide them with immediate feedback through various tests and analyses. In this way, coaches (in collaboration with sports science specialists) are able to continually pursue athlete preparation goals and adapt training programmes in case deficiencies are identified.  

Our facilities:
Physical preparation room
Tartan Track
Diagnostic room
Multifunction room
Hypoxia and thermal chambers