A training and recovery center

The High-Performance Training & Recovery Center (HPTRC) project was born from the idea of promoting elite sport in Luxembourg by creating the best possible training environment in terms of infrastructure, equipment and human resources. The HPTRC is intended to be a priority service provider of the Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports (LIHPS) and is therefore in line with the political will of the Ministry of Sports and the Luxemburg Olympic and Sporting Committee (COSL).   

In addition to offering athletes optimal training and recovery conditions with top-of-the-range equipment, the HTPRC provides them with immediate feedback through various tests and analyses. In this way, coaches (in collaboration with sports science specialists) are able to continually pursue athlete preparation goals and adapt training programs in case deficiencies are identified. 

The range of services available to high-level athletes in the HPTRC is very broad, whether in terms of new training opportunities or performance diagnostics.

The main objective is to advance Luxembourg's elite sport by supporting athletes from the COSL and federations.

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"Training" Zone

The physical preparation room, with its state-of-the-art equipment, is the centerpiece of the HPTRC. 
Numerous devices are also available for performance diagnostics, rehabilitation and strength training.


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"Recovery" Zone

This area is dedicated to the phases between training units and focuses on regeneration and recovery. Athletes can enjoy a modern environment before or after their training sessions.


Facilities are not accessible to the public, and are only reserved for high-performance athletes as part of their training.

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