The Training area, with its state-of-the-art equipment, is the heart of the HPTRC. 

Top athletes benefit from top-quality facilities and services whether in terms of training opportunities or performance diagnostics.

Over a surface of 175m², the physical preparation room offers athletes a dedicated platform equipped with professional bodybuilding equipment with adjustable loads, cardio machines and specialized devices such as an anti-gravity treadmill used for athlete rehabilitation.

Performance tests can also be conducted using our various analysis technologies.


Speed Court

The “Training” area is equipped with a "Speed Court" which offers different training and analysis possibilities in the areas of responsiveness and sprint speed. 


Tartan track

This 40-meter track is equipped with an integrated camera system for in-depth sprint analysis. We are able to analyze various parameters such as sprint start range, amplitude, ground contact time or stride frequency. The athlete's speed and explosiveness are measured continuously.


Diagnostic room

The diagnostic room enables users to identify athlete’s various performance parameters.



The following tests can be performed:


  • Lactate testing
  • Ergospirometry testing where exhaled gases are analysed during maximal effort to determine the "VO2 max" and to examine the athlete's metabolism under different conditions.
  • Force testing related to the athlete's relaxation and rebound force to be performed.
  • Bio-impedance: measurement of the athlete’s body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, etc.).

The "GymAware" technology measures movement speed and power and subsequently provides useful data with regard to training.
It is also possible to perform qualitative analyses of athletes' movements (especially in weight training) using the video system to provide real-time feedback on the athletes’ performance. 

Hypoxia chamber and thermal chamber

Our hypoxia and thermal chambers in which different activities can be practiced (ergometer bikes, treadmills and rowers) offers simulated competitive conditions.

  • The hypoxia chamber can simulate training sessions at altitude up to 5,750m
  • In the thermal chamber, athletes can train at high temperatures up to 55°C.

Two of the hotel's rooms are also equipped with a hypoxia system, enabling the recovery phase to be worked on under the same conditions.

The Dojo

The dojo with 3 sparring areas can also be made available to athletes. An innovative camera system enables trainers to view and analyze fight images directly on the spot.
The dojo also has an area dedicated to muscle building, meeting the specific needs of combat sports.