A restful getaway in the Wellness Centre. Your well-being is our passion!

Enjoying a reputation of excellence as a place where comfort and well-being come first since its opening, the Wellness Centre at the Coque is the ideal place for putting your needs first. In a renovated and pleasant setting, the Wellness Centre at the Coque offers particularly attractive infrastructures that are perfect for those looking for comfort, regeneration, wellness and sport.

Terms and Conditions

Access to the Relaxation Centre is prohibited to any minors under the age of 16 who are not accompanied by a parent of the 1st or 3rd degree, their legal guardian or a group leader. The Relaxation Centre at the Coque is mixed and guest must be undressed to use it, except in traffic areas where guests are required to wear a bathrobe.

General Information

Tel: 43 60 60 411

Our facilities:

Modern Finnish sauna at 80°C

Rustic Finnish sauna at 70°C

Sanarium at 60°C

Snow cabin



Whirlpool at 35°C

Thematic showers

Foot baths

Relaxation room

Fitness area

Wellness Lounge


Let yourself be pampered at the Wellness Centre and enjoy our many facilities

In the indoor area you will find three types of saunas (modern Finnish sauna at 80°C, rustic Finnish sauna at 70°C, Sanarium at 60°C), a snow cabin, a Hammam, massage areas, a tepidarium, a Whirlpool at 35°C for 5 people, hot and cold pools, themed showers-varied types of showers, a permanent diffusion of essential oils in the relaxation room, footbaths, a fitness area, solariums, and a wellness lounge.

The outdoor area includes a wood-fired sauna and a sanarium at 60°C, a heated pool (32°C - 35°C), a wooden cold-water pool at 20°C, showers and a relaxation room heated by a wood fire depending on the season.


The sanarium offers an ideal alternative for those who find the Finnish sauna too hot or too dry. With controlled humidity not exceeding 55%, you will find yourself in an atmosphere particularly conducive to relaxation and well-being. In addition, the sanarium has beneficial effects on your skin and promotes the elimination of toxins.

  • 60°C
  • Humidity 55%
  • 17 m²

Wood-fired sauna (outdoor)

The wood-fired sauna is located in a very pleasant setting, where you will find a pleasant and charming atmosphere.

  • Sauna in the outdoor area of the Wellness Centre
  • 90°C
  • Natural wood walls
  • Wood fire
  • 38.5 m²

Finnish sauna at 80°C

The Finnish sauna is a "classic" space featuring a smooth wooden decor. The illuminated walls with changing colours create a serene atmosphere inside the sauna.

  • Modern sauna
  • 80°C
  • Smooth wood
  • Illuminated walls with changing colours

Finnish sauna at 70°C

The second Finnish sauna is heated to 70°C and is the ideal place for salt infusions, among others. It features a rustic decor and will surprise you with its starry sky

  • Rustic sauna
  • 70°C
  • Starry sky with changing colours
  • Background music
  • Salt infusions

Outdoor relaxation room

The relaxation room next to the sauna features a pleasant and serene setting. It contains sun loungers with cushions. If you wish, you can rent blankets at the Wellness Lounge of the Wellness Centre. Depending on the season, the room may be heated by a wood fire.


The warm room of the Wellness Centre also welcomes you with sun loungers heated to 35°C. The tepidarium is heated to close to body temperature which promotes the natural regeneration of the human body and the stabilisation of the immune system. It allows the body to prepare for the higher temperatures of the steam room or sauna cabins. It can however be used alone. It provides the same benefits: it relaxes and cleanses the body, cleans and firms the skin, and relieves aches.

Snow cabin

Contact with the cold is strongly advised after a steam bath. In Nordic countries, it is not uncommon for people who have enjoyed a sauna session to go outdoors to enjoy the benefits of cold and snow. To mimic these rituals as closely as possible, we offer you the opportunity to spend a few minutes in a snow cabin at
-14 ° C. Enjoy it, it will give you the same benefits as a cold shower, namely:

  • general relaxation
  • improved blood circulation
  • a strengthened immune system

It also activates the epidermis after the sauna.


The heat of the hammam is much lower than that of the sauna, but much wetter. The water vapor is beneficial for your body because it opens the pores of the skin and helps eliminate toxins.


The Whirlpool helps to improve the quality of sleep, reduce rheumatic pain, erase muscle tension, reduce stress and boost the immune system. Release your tensions in water heated to 35°C!


The footbath creates a pleasant feeling of well-being throughout the body. It also improves blood circulation and tones the nervous system.

Wellness Lounge

If you are feeling hungry, our Wellness Lounge serves freshly squeezed juices, mixed salads and a variety of sandwiches throughout the day.

Themed showers

There are several themed showers at the Relaxation Centre: Choose between tropical rain, hydro-massage, single jet, hot-cold jet and side jet showers, or opt for the classic shower.

Relaxation room with constant diffusion of essential oils

Combat stress and relieve the tension accumulated during the day by relaxing in the relaxation room. Essential oils are diffused in the room to promote absolute relaxation.